Website trends in 2013

Website trends 2013

The New Year is almost upon us and now might be the time for a change. Website trends change every few months and it is important to keep up to date with the times. Ask yourself when last you updated your website. Does it still have the old contact details, 2005’s product list?

If you are looking to spruce up your old website here is a few things to consider for 2013.

Apps are in. Apple, Android and Google are the new craze. They look shiny, have lots of buttons to push and are very user friendly. This type of style has been called Web 2.0 style. It is shinny, glossy buttons and smooth, gradient finishes making website appear sleeker, like using glass, metal and water effects for your website. The style is clean and in 2013 we might see the trend move a bit more away from it using wood textures. Fear not, keeping it simple is the way to go and always remember to make your website as user friendly as possible.

Using simple images and not text. This means having abstract photos to display your products, about or even contact page photos, using a picture for the word telephone instead of having the text. Icons has become really big and let’s face it most of us knows what a @ symbol stands for or Fcebook and Twitter logo. Windows 8 has embraced that completely. They have bright blocks with icons on that will take you straight to what you are looking for. They are not round buttons but instead flat colorful blocks. This look is bold and must be used in conjunction with motion to keep things interesting.
So these are the future trends, but when redesigning your website, look at your brand. What best suits you and your clients. Your website is the cheapest why to show your clients what you are all about.
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