Website tips you need to know


Having a great website is not just putting something up and hoping people will find it and your business will increase. You want your clients to come and visit your website time and time again. Focus on making your site easy to use and as user-friendly as possible. It should load fast and provide your clients with what they are looking for.

Keep your pages loading fast

Nothing is more annoying than waiting for a website to load. No matter what internet connection you have, if there is more content, more images, more things moving, more everything on your website it will impact on the time it takes to view the website. People will not know what should and shouldn’t be on your web pages, they don’t want to sit and wait for a page to load. So to keep your readers coming back a fast website is a must.

Keep your pages short, but not too short

When you write on the web it is really different than writing for a magazine. People don’t go into detail when they are looking for something, especially on the home page. You want the content of you web pages to give the viewer what they want, but provide details for those who want to know more. Create a separate page on the topic and place a link for it on the page where you briefly mention it.

Have good navigation

Navigation on web pages gets your readers from page to page. ? If the readers can’t find the main navigation they won’t be able to go around your website. You may have links in your pages that take you around your website, but it is best to have a main navigation that is in a specific place.

Keep your images small

Small images keep your web page loading faster. Today it is all about time and you don’t want your readers not to come back because they had to wait. Images can enhance your websites appearance but remember to keep them as small as possible especially if you are in the photography market where there has to be a lot of images on one page.

Use the right colours

The worst thing is to come to a website and the colour hurts your eyes. Use the correct background and font colour to make it read more easily. Don’t overdo your colours on your website, they should blend and fit in with your product or story.

Write as globally as you can

One thing to remember is that your website will not just be viewed by the people in your country but by people all over the world. When you use things like currencies, measurements, date and times be clear so that the readers knows exactly what it means.

Check your spelling and grammar

Your website is an online brochure of your business or yourself. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. People judge the quality of your writing, so if you want to attract more viewers be prepare to use the spell check.

Keep your links current

Maintaining your site is very important. Don’t have broken links anywhere on your website. The search engines don’t like it and your readers won’t either. If you are linking to external sites, make sure that you check it regularly.

Put your contact information on all your pages.

If you have a business it is especially important for you clients to find your contact information. You should have a page just dedicated to it, but the best way is to have the important information like the main email address and telephone number at the top of each page. You want clients to you and it is frustrated when they have to search for the contact details.


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