Tips For Better Family Photos

Mother and daughter

Taking family portraits with children can be a struggle in the beginning but real fun after a while. The thing to remember is to make it fun for the children and then it will become more relaxed and it will show in your results.

Make it playful

Children are playful so the photo shoot should be fun. Some parents put pressure on the children when going to a photo session as they want them to look their best. There is cost involved and people don’t want to waste money on a photo shoot, so they want their children to look the part.

The best way of getting the perfect pictures is to be more relaxed and realistic. Children bring the element of surprise and unpredictability, you should embrace that. Give them lots of space to explore the environment and run around.

Bring a second set of clothes

Children will get dirty in one way or the other, so bring extra clothes. Dirty pants can add character to the photo, if you are used to your child being adventures it might make some beautiful pictures. Remember don’t force your child to wear something they don’t want to. The key is to have fun.

No blackmailing

The most important thing is not to blackmail the child with sweets. It does not work. It only lets the children give fake smiles. Give them some sweets during the shoot and make them happy then.

Be patient

Patience is the best way you will get your perfect, relaxed and natural looking photos. Sometimes you need to just sit and observe the children and let them play.


Family portraits are not only fun, but can become real fun when everyone participates and everything works in your favour. Run, jump up and down, make funny faces, be silly and keep it as entertaining as possible at all times. ? Relax and have some fun, then you will be surprised on how much fun it will be and the pictures will look like.

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