Social Networking – The in’s and out’s

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Social networking is a big part of every day live. But how do you know which one the best for you? The internet has created a global village where in seconds you can connect and communicate with someone, no matter where they are. As humans we need to communicate and using social networks is the easiest and fastest way to do it. Social networks consists of a social structure where individuals and companies are connected to a group by means of association.
There are social networks that will suit everyone’s needs and communication styles, but what is available out there, what is social networking about and which one will suit you best?
This is the most popular social networking tools in South Africa:

Messaging – Messaging application such as MXit and WhatsApp has replaced the normal SMS. What is the difference between the two? Messaging is the creation, storage, exchange and management of text, images ect over a communications network while a SMS system only sends it to your phone. If you have an internet connection on your phone, you’ll most probably have a messaging application installed. Messaging applications can be used on phones, pc’s and tablets and is much cheaper than sending a lot of SMS’s.

The most popular messaging application being used in South Africa is MXit with over 10 million registered users.

Social Networks


The second-most visited website and social networking site in the world is most certainly Facebook. What started out as a means for Harvard students to interact grew into a worldwide phenomenon with over 1 billion users.? You can add friends, join a group or page and create events. Facebook is not only for individuals but has also become an marketing tool for companies, helping them keep their clients updated with new developments and products.

Twitter has become the concise communicator for tweeters from their mobile phone or PC.
It has become a popular celebrity platform where celebrities give an insider view of their lives to their followers and enable fans to interact with them. It has also proved popular for staying updated with sporting events & live broadcasts.
Twitter is also used as an add-on marketing tool to post links about companies’ website updates.
South Africa is the number one tweeter in Africa, with Mondays and Fridays being the most popular tweeting days.

Google +
Google gives a social platform to anyone with a Gmail account. It integrates Gmail, blogging and other Google products to give a platform where all can be operated from one place. Google uses user activity to source data to improve the user experience.


LinkedIn is the business community’s platform to connect and communicate with business professionals.
Your work history can be updated on your profile serving as an interactive CV where other business contacts can source you for prospective work or projects.
Companies can also create their own profile where they can do marketing for prospective clients and advertise vacancies.

YouTube has become the go to site for watching videos on the web. From full length feature films to clips and music videos and tutorials, all you want to see in action can be viewed here. 4 Billion videos are watched every day and almost 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
YouTube has shot many unknown artists to instant stardom.
YouTube has a search feature that enables you to look for topic specific videos, but if you are logged in, it will also show you suggested videos you might be interested in according to videos you’ve watched before. You can also add topic channels that will give suggested videos.

Imagine having your own digital pinboards where you can pin images, webpages you like and videos to. Most popular with woman, it has become the central place to share things that you love.

Pinterest focuses on visual boards where you can easily share your likes and interests in a gallery format, with the image pointing to the underlying URL.

Pinterest has also recently acquired the recipe sharing website Punchfork so that users can easily pin recipes to their pinboards.
This is ideal for users who want to share their interests and likes on a more visually orientated platform.
Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration for projects you are busy with or planning to do.

With so many social marketing tools to choose from it is hard to find the right one for you. Think about what you want to achieve for your business and then decide. If you need more information about social media please contact us at