Photography Trends 2015

Couple staring at the sunset


Each year photography takes center stage as one of the most dynamic art forms. To keep up with this art form you have to keep up with the different trends. iStock has compiled a video of the latest photography trends for 2015. Click here to watch.


These photography trends are:

Dynamic Women

This trend focuses on female empowerment, showing different types of women all over the world just experiencing life.

Letterbox Look

The wide format is in! New screen sizes are forcing photographers to think outside the box. Designers has to work with smaller narrower spaces, which sometimes can be a challenge, but with the right photo you can make magic.

Monochromatic Color

Black and white photos has always been stunning. With technology moving fast it is always good to take a step back and look to the past. Monochromatic does focus on more whites and blacks, but it can also have a faded color element in the photo.

All kinds of people

We are human and humanity is celebrating the different types of cultures and traditions all over the world. This trends is about being real and capturing that glimpse of a person’s life.

Point of view

If it is from your phone, action camera or just a photo from a tall building. Point of view is how you see the world, from your point. Imagine you  had glasses on with a small camera attached to it. Now take a photo. That is your point of view in that specific situation.

 Sensory Immersion

Feel, smell and touch the photo. Sensory immersion focuses on bringing all your other senses alive. With vibrant colors, micro closes ups and amazing still, this is one of my most favorite trends.

Super Still life

Pause, look at your subject and think. These photos forces you to bring out the artist in yourself. It is about capturing something ordinary in an unordinary way.

Busy with boxes

As photos are becoming more complex so is copy-writing. Boxed text on a stunning, vibrant photo is just one of the many examples of combining copywriting with photography.