Newborn babies – Those priceless moments

Mother and child

Finally your newborn baby has arrived and each moment is special. This is the time to treasure your bundle of joy because it does not last long. Babies grow up fast and capturing each smile is essential.

Here are some tips to get memorizing photos when you are taking your loved one for his/her first photo shoot.

A Calm Baby Is a Photogenic Baby

Every person is happier when they had a good night’s rest; it is the same for your baby. The best photographs are when they are well rested or while they’re sleeping.

Keep Outfits Simple

Don’t overdo the outfits; the focus should be on your child. Dress them in solid colored clothing to make sure the focus is on them.

Don’t use a lot of Props

Props and toys in photos can be distracting. Even consider a blank backdrop of solid color. That way your child will be the focus in all the pictures.

Find Soft, Natural Light

Ask your photographer to use a soft, natural light. In general natural light and a slightly overcast day is the best.

Put the Focus on Baby’s Eyes

What is more beautiful than those big round blue eyes of a baby? Babies wriggle and don’t want to lay or sit still for long, but as long as your child’s eyes are in focus the rest of the picture can be slightly out of focus and still look great!

If you want to capture those special moments, contact us to book your baby’s first photo shoot today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.