Graphic and Web design trends for 2015

colorful penciles

The new year has started with a bang and this is the time that most businesses change their branding and websites. It is important to keep up with the latest trends in the market to attract more customers and ultimately get more business.Some design trends have been around for a while but there a few new trends to be aware of.

Flat Design

You might have noticed on your new Iphone that things appear to be more flat. This is new trend that has taken the market by storm. Flat design draws it influence from other various styles such as minimalism and swiss style which comes from Bauhaus. Check out this interactive infographic showing the difference between flat and realistic design.

Material Design

Much similar to the flat design, Google has broken new boundaries with interactive design. This style is not a design style in the conventional way but is a way of thinking about different designing interfaces and platforms. This material design is an attempt to unify all of Google’s products.

Full Screen Background Images and Videos

Although this might be a bit heavy on the brandwith a full screen design website is more visually impacting than  a normal boxed website design. This has been one of the biggest trends of 2014. Lots of people has gone this route, but personally I would not suggest putting just a big image or video on your home page. It is not at all search engine friendly and will not help your page ranking with Google. I would suggest making your image, or if you really want to, video smaller than your “page fold” so that the viewer can still see there are more information underneath.

Parallax Scrolling Websites

This is another popular website trend. This consists of a website where all the information is on the homepage and as you scroll down there are moving elements on the page. This is a very visually pleasing trend.

Grid Layout

With Pinterest as inspiration designers has adapted the grid layout for websites. This style is great for product based businesses. It allows the viewer to easily view each items one by one in a very structural way.

Typography Website

New typography trends emerged and continued from 2014. Big handwritten, mix and match, and large type fonts are here to stay. This helps to emphasize catchy slogans and call to actions on websites and designs.

Future trends?

As the years go by design and website trends seems to become more complex and then more simple. Keep up with the trends and your business is sure to be successful. If you want to redesign your website or branding let us know at We will be happy to assist.